Todos Los Pueblos Productions

Inspired by the Zapatista's mandate seeking one world in which all worlds fit... "Un mundo donde quepan todos," Todos Los Pueblos Productions (All Peoples' Productions) was formed in 2007 to move audiences to action through artful documentaries about global struggles for human rights and cultural survival.

About the Filmmaker

Nicole Karsin produced, directed and co-wrote the feature We Women Warriors (Tejiendo Sabudría), which premiered in 2012 and was her opera prima. The film screened at nearly 40 festivals, was nominated as best documentary for the 2013 Imagen Awards. It won four festival awards including: Outstanding Achievement Award in Filmmaking at the Williamsburg International Film Festival and the Prix Salvador Allende at the Festival Des Libertés in Brussels.

Karsin has worked in Latin America for 20 years as a journalist, human rights activist, and documentarian. Karsin was a fellow at the National Association of Latino Independent Producers’ Latino Producers Academy & Film Independent’s 7-week Inaugural Documentary Lab in 2011. As a journalist, she has reported for the New York Times, Village Voice, San Francisco Chronicle, Earth Times, Women’s Enews, NPR’s Latino USA and Pacifica Radio’s Free Speech Radio News, among others. Karsin holds a B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College and an M.S. from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.