We Women Warriors (Tejiendo Sabiduría)

Documentary Feature in Spanish with English subtitles
82 minutes ©2012

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We Women Warriors (Tejiendo Sabiduría)

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“The moving documentary captures the heroism of native women in Colombia.”
– The Los Angeles Times

“Beautifully crafted. Using weaving as a symbol of female solidarity, with a vibrant soundtrack of traditional tribal songs, Karsin sounds a rare note of hope; her dynamite trio could find favor with audiences worldwide.”
– Variety

“These women are invisible warriors.”
– Women & Hollywood

“Documentarian Nicole Karsin makes a strong debut with this clear-eyed look at indigenous tribes struggling in Colombia. Offering a pacifist definition of “warrior” in a land where the threat of violence defines everything, Nicole Karsin‘s We Women Warriors observes women in three corners of Colombia to show the extent of problems faced by indigenous communities there.”
– The Hollywood Reporter

“This documentary would be useful for any class dealing with indigenous women in Latin America; the war on drugs and coca production; and the ongoing armed conflict in Colombia.”
– Indigenous Film & Video of the Americas

“Highly recommended for classroom use or for anyone who wants to get beyond the headlines in Colombia.”
– Aviva Chomsky, History Department, Salem University

“How can one not respond to someone like tribal leader Flor Ilva?”
– Christian Science Monitor

“Karsin’s intimate film captures a stinging sense of civil wars’ true costs. It provides a metaphor for the inextricable bond between Colombia’s people and their land and culture – and between single mothers widowed by the regional conflict.”
– The Village Voice

“If you want a film that will make you think, this is it.”
– BUST Magazine